What Are The Different Types Of Outdoor Upholstery Fabric?

Types of Outdoor Upholstery Fabric

What Are The Different Types Of Outdoor Upholstery Fabric?

The essential piece of upholstery for furniture is fabric. The outlook of furniture you see totally depends on the type of fabric. Nowadays, there is an overwhelming choice in the market to choose the type of fabric for your furniture. 

Many people are still unaware of the types of fabric. So, if you want to know What Are The Different Types Of Outdoor Upholstery Fabric? Then keep reading this article. I’ll explain each type of outdoor upholstery fabric with its pros & cons. But before we move to know the fabric types, let’s know about what qualities an outdoor upholstery fabric must have. 

Types of Upholstery Fabric

Qualities of Outdoor Upholstery Fabric

No matter if you are buying new outdoor furniture or reupholstering the old one, the choice of fabric matters a lot. Outdoor Upholstery. ae is offering a range of premium quality fabric with limitless design choices. 

Regardless of which color, texture, pattern, or design you need, your outdoor upholstery fabric Dubai must be durable & long-lasting. It must be resistant to stains, mildew & moisture, doesn’t collect much dust, and should be easy to clean. A piece of fabric for outdoor upholstery should also be retardant to color fading and can withstand toxic weather conditions. 

Let’s Have A Look At Different Types Of Outdoor Upholstery Fabric

The outdoor upholstery fabric can be generally categorized into two types of fabric. 

  • Synthetic Fabric 
  • Natural Fabric

I’ll briefly explain these two types of fabrics to make you well-aware of each one. 

Synthetic Fabric

Synthetic fabric is artificially designed fabric. The synthetic material is chemically processed to design fabric with superlative durability. These fabrics are stunning, elegant, and attractive with an easy to clean feature. 

Manufacturers use these fabrics as an alternative to natural fabric to reupholstering different unique types of furniture. The most commonly used synthetic fabric types are explained below. Have a look!


The best multi-feature fabric. This fabric is mostly paired with natural fabric like cotton to increase the attractive look and wrinkle protection. The best thing about polyester is that it is resistant to stains. 

Types of Upholstery Fabric

2. Rayon

One of the versatile fabric types that also offers the same features as a natural fabric. Perfectly moisture-resistant, stain-retardant, durable, and reliable for heavy use. Rayon can bear heavy wear & tear. So, with all these properties it is one of the best upholstery fabrics. 


A superb quality mass-produced fabric. high-end durability and easy to clean features make it a perfect choice. Make a more attractive look for your furniture. 


A bit rarely used fabric type. Manufacturers avoid using it individually, they usually pair this fabric with some natural fabric to make it more durable. 

5. Acrylic

Designed as imitation wool, this fabric is considered an original fabric for furniture. With the perfect feature to be resistant to color fading, wrinkling, and soiling this fabric is the top choice for reupholstering outdoor furniture pieces. 

Natural Fabrics

Natural fabrics are manufactured with natural plant fibers. These fabrics are perfectly durable and reliable for furniture reupholstering. Outdoorupholstery.ae, is offering high-quality upholstery fabric. Let’s know more about types of natural fabrics.

1. Cotton

A naturally reliable & wear-resistant fabric. This fabric is mostly used in combination with other fabrics to enhance its visual appeal and durability. 

Types of Upholstery Fabric
Types of Upholstery Fabric

2. Leather

The stand-alone popular upholstery fabric. Furniture designed with leather is most widely used. Offering a bundle of features like durability, visually attractive look, easy to clean in nature & highly resistant to wear & tear. This can be vacuumed gently or just wiped on a damp cloth to keep it shiny and attractive. 

3. Linen

This is the best-suited fabric for furniture that is used in formal places. It is strong and highly durable. This fabric is very resistant to stains and maintains its original appearance for many years.

4. Vinyl

An inexpensive & Easy care furniture upholstery fabric. The piece upholstered with this fabric can be used in busy areas like the dining room or living room. This can be the perfect fabric for Outdoor Sofa Dubai or any type of outdoor furniture.  Vinyl is naturally resistant to color fading, chemical abrasion & fire. 

5. Wool

The sturdy and durable fabric with unbeatable looks. This is usually blended with synthetic fiber to enhance its features and make it more appealing and easy to maintain. 

Bottom Line!

Keenly going through the above-defined Different Types Of Outdoor Upholstery Fabric, would definitely have made you knowledgeable. With the huge varieties of natural & synthetic fabric, you are sure to choose the one up to your needs. 

As per your space demands, there are a number of fabrics that you can choose from. So, determine your needs and get the best quality of fabric for your outdoor space that’ll stay longer and also make your place more elegant, attractive & appealing. Let me know whether you find the article informative or not. I always love to improve things and provide you more detailed & Accurate information as per your desired query!

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