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Improve Functionality With Our Outdoor Artificial Grass Dubai

Outdoor Upholstery has come up with an ideal treatment of the best outdoor artificial grass Dubai & Abu Dhabi for functional interior styling. We provide fake turf made of synthetic rubber, nylon, polypropylene, and blends of recyclable materials for long-lasting elegance and serviceability.

  • We provide underlayment and infill materials for maximum cushioning.
  • Our fake grass is resistant to wear and tear, UV rays, and moisture.
  • The artificial grass prices at our store are highly reasonable.

Core Benefits | Style Your Outdoor Areas With Our Fake Grass

Pleasant Aesthetics

Our garden artificial grass will provide a calming and aesthetic vibe.

Damage Resistant

This grass won’t show discoloration, patchiness, mud, or weeds.

Low Maintenance

The maintenance of our artificially crafted grass is super effortless.

Highly Durable

Our fake turf can withstand the highest extent of foot traffic.

Best Outdoor Artificial Grass Dubai
First Class Outdoor Artificial Grass
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Get Our Perfectly Customized Fake Grass At Low Rates

As the top-tier outdoor artificial grass supplier, we aim to provide the best quality turf to provide you relief from the hectic maintenance schedules of natural grass.

You can select the right color tone, thickness, pile density, and ideal underlayment with custom sizes and shapes for your residential and commercial spaces. For these perfectly customized grass, we provide:

Premium Discount

For our heavy-duty and insanely durable grass and outdoor carpets, you can get extraordinary discounts to enhance your outdoor area styling.

Quality Assurance

Our excellent craftsmanship ensures the smooth finishing & durability of longer spans, enduring harsh outdoor conditions perfectly.

Discover The Variety Of Artificial Turf

Perfect Outdoor Artificial Grass Dubai

Expert Installation Services | Outdoor Area Styling With Artificial Grass

Add functionality and comfort to your outdoors by booking our experts for outdoor artificial grass installation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. We have a group of certified professionals who initiate installation work after the proper floor inspections, take accurate measurements, and lay padding materials for maximum stability.

The careful measurements and usage of quality adhesives ensure accuracy and precision in installation, creating a smooth and flawless surface to walk over. You can get entirely functional installation and artificial turf fixing treatments from us at low rates.

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Customized Outdoor Artificial Grass

Why Consider Us For Outdoor Artificial Grass In Dubai?

Outdoor Upholstery is the one-stop shop when it comes to shopping for highly functional fake grass. We provide low-maintenance and highly sustainable grass for your outdoor areas, like gardens and landscapes and, that too, at budget-friendly rates. We’ve been providing customized outdoor artificial grass Dubai for an ideal fit in any space.

Before purchasing, you can request samples to pick the desired shade and price quotation to know the cost details. From sampling to selection and customizations to delivery and installation, we guarantee customer satisfaction in every aspect. Book your order with us today!


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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Artificial synthetic grass is suitable for all kinds of climates whether extremely hot or cold. This is because this grass is totally moisture-proof and can withstand the direct piercing of light, keeping their shine and fiber height sustained.

The maintenance of grass-like carpet/ artificial turf is simple because it doesn’t absorb moisture or have a muddy surface. For maintenance, perform alternate days cleaning using soapy water. Using a soft brush for the removal of stains and settled dirt. Rinse and clean with hose water, and let them air dry.

Artificial synthetic grass is made utilizing rubber and recyclable materials that are totally safe for the environment.

This grass is ideal for homes with pets, kids, and old age people sensitive to any sort of allergy.

Fake grass is designed to withstand the highest level of foot traffic in indoor or outdoor spaces.

With utmost care and proper maintenance, this grass can last for more than 25 years in busy households.

Of course! This grass is waterproof because it doesn’t absorb moisture instead water flows down quickly through the drainage system.

Because of high-end durability and sustainability, this grass can be installed in both residential and commercial interiors.

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