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Excellent Quality

Our underlays for carpeting come with the most robust structure.


Extreme Durability

These underlays can last for 20-30 years without any replacement.


High Versatility

We stock the widest variety for every carpet and subfloor.

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Unfolding The Worth Of Our Carpet Underlay Collection

Our Carpet Underlay Dubai is a high-performance floor carpeting essential that preserves every soft flooring and maximizes the comfort and functionality obtained by it. With our premium-quality underlayments, you can multiply the usefulness and durability of your outdoor rugs and carpets and enjoy plenty of additional benefits too. Here’s how they work:

Flawless protection against moisture damage and temperature changes.

Effective smoothening and canceling out of subfloor imperfections.

Reduced friction for zero fraying, crumpling, ruptures, and pile shedding.

Added Perks

Major Benefits Of Using Our Underlay For Carpets

Better Comfort And Safety

Our thick underlayments make every soft flooring ideally comfortable, warm, and anti-slip.

Flawless Carpet Installation

These paddings ensure accurate carpet installation by eliminating all imperfections.

Enhanced Noise Reduction

They keep interiors free from disruptions by absorbing all kinds of sounds.

More Carpet Energy Efficiency

With our underlayments, carpets become better at temperature balancing.

Best Carpet Underlay Dubai
Elegant Carpet Underlay
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Latest Types Of Carpet Underlay Dubai We Provide

We offer a wide and versatile range of underlays to best suit every outdoor carpet and subfloor. Whether you’re about to purchase new carpets or rugs or want to improve the comfort and working of existing ones, we have entirely perfect carpet padding options available for every purpose. Ahead are the best-sellers ones at our platform:

Foam Carpet Underlay

This high-quality and lightweight PU foam underlayment is excellent at moisture protection and easy to handle too.

Sponge Rubber Underlay

This thick padding offers the best noise reduction and underfloor heating and is extremely durable as well.

See The Latest Carpet Underlay Collection We Provide

Durable Carpet Underlay

Get Our Quick And Economical Servicing For Underlay Installations

At our platform, you won’t just get the finest carpeting essentials but can also enjoy having all the associated skill sets under one roof. Our padding installation, fixing, and measurement services are available in all parts of Abu Dhabi and Dubai and you can book them in the comfort of your home.

We provide Carpet Underlay Dubai services for both new and old padding additions and treatments and you can also hire our professionals for measurements and subfloor preparations. This way, you can renew your existing carpet or ensure the best fitting of a new one without any effort. Get in touch today!

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Why Choose Us?

Outdoor Upholstery is the most trustworthy source to get the best floor treatments without any burden on your budget.

Carpet Underlay in Dubai is one of our latest presentations with which you can lay an absolute foundation for your upcoming carpet or rug additions. Our paddings also work wonders for treating and preserving old carpets and you can get all kinds of services from us at economical prices.

If you’re making this purchase for the first time, we also provide free material samples which you can order online or check out at our showrooms. Multiple customization, measurement, and damage-fixing services are also available.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, noise reduction is one of the primary benefits of our carpeting underlayments and they contribute to a significantly calmer and disruption-free environment. If sound dampening or blocking is your major requirement, you can also get various specialized padding options from us.

Yes, we design our carpet paddings with a versatile structure so that it can be used on top of all floor types. Additionally, these paddings are compatible with all carpet types as well, and using them will eliminate all the damages and imperfections of your subfloors, making them a perfect canvas.

Of course, keeping the carpet safe is amongst the foremost purposes of an underlayment.

It does so by absorbing all kinds of impact damage such as the effects of high footfall or heavy furniture placement. Plus, padding also prevents carpet fraying, ruptures, tears, and pile shedding.

The underlay should be replaced along with the carpet since it receives the same level of wear and tear as the carpeting, most of the time.

However, underlays can easily last for nearly 20 to 25 years with moderate use and good upkeep so you won’t be needing replacements very soon.

It is never a good idea to install a carpet without using underlayment because doing so will subject the carpeting to a lot of damage (moisture effects, fraying, etc.) and it will wear out ahead of time.

Also, using an underlay makes the carpet ideally comfortable and safe to walk over.

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