Outdoor Chair Care and Maintenance: Keep Your Seating Looking Fresh

Outdoor Chair Care and Maintenance

Spending time outdoors is essential for your health as it reduces stress and brings positive thinking to your life, but what happens if your outdoor furniture, particularly chairs is not clean and needs maintenance? Ultimately, you will fall ill with the dirt present on the chairs. So, outdoor chair care and maintenance is essential for your health.

Do you feel that your outdoor chairs need exceptional care and maintenance, and you don’t know how to do it? Outdoor Upholstery has got you a complete guide to clean your outdoor chairs and sustain your seating. Outdoor furniture is as essential for your home as your indoor furniture, and it is equally necessary to keep it clean and well-maintained.

Tips for Outdoor Chair Care And Maintenance

Tips for Chair Care And Maintenance

To increase its longevity and maintain the newer look, you should take care of your outdoor furniture. Below are some essential tips for cleaning outdoor chairs made from wicker, fabric, leather, plastic, and wood.

Below are some essential outdoor chair care and maintenance tips to increase longevity.

Place your Chairs Away from Sunlight

Sunlight could be a reason for the discoloration and at worst, cracking of your chairs, especially wooden chairs. Therefore, try to place your chairs where the sunlight and heat are hard to reach.

Protect from Humidity and Moisture

Protect from Humidity and Moisture

Keep your chairs away from humidity and excess moisture, as they can be the reason for your chair’s damage. Chairs made from wood need special care and maintenance.

Although sealants are present on the wood that act as a protective covering from harm, still, under extreme weather conditions, there is a possibility of damage.

Use Furniture paint for chairs

Sometimes, due to the direct exposure to sunlight, chairs tend to fade. To increase its charm, it is essential to use paint if the chair’s color has faded. However, ensure following the manufacturer’s guidance before painting your chairs.

Clean with the Help of Water and Detergent

Clean with the Help of Water and Detergent

You can use water and detergent to clean the chair properly, but it is essential to not use excessive water, as it may damage the chair.

If your outdoor chair has a stain on it, use a mild detergent to clean it. Depending on the stain’s stubbornness, you can also use bleach-based ones by practicing enough caution.

Use a Soft Cloth for Regular Cleaning

For regular outdoor chair care and maintenance, you should ensure the use of soft cloth for your outdoor furniture. Microfiber cloth is the best choice to remove dust and debris from chairs.

You can also spray a little amount of water on the chairs and then clean them properly with a soft cloth.

Use a Vacuum to keep it Clean

Use a Vacuum to keep it Clean

Vacuum cleaner can also be used to clean the chair. Be careful to use the upholstery and brush attachments only. For chairs made from wicker, it’s important to use a vacuum cleaner at least once a month to remove stains and dust.

Protect From Harsh Temperature

Placing your chair outdoors means it will have to bear harsh temperatures. Due to temperature changes, there could be a harmful effect on outdoor chairs. Therefore, it’s important to have them covered with slipcovers under extreme weather conditions.

Only Use Dedicated Stain Removal Products

Only Use Dedicated Stain Removal Products

For outdoor chair care and maintenance, it is necessary to take expert advice and use the products that are specifically designed for outdoor chair maintenance and stain removal.

By investing in the right stain removal products, the longevity and elegance of your chairs will be increased.

Examine the Chair Condition Monthly

Keep your chairs clean by regular dusting and cleaning with water and detergent, and make sure to inspect the condition of your chairs every month. Doing so will keep you aware of any damages, such as mold and mildew growth.

Consider Manufacturers’ Advice

Consider Manufacturers’ Advice

If your chair is in bad condition due to negligence, it is essential to take expert advice as they will walk you through the maintenance practices your chair needs.

Make sure to only use manufacturer’s recommended cleaning products on your chair.

Look For Easy-to-Care Furniture Materials

If you are trying to buy a chair for your outdoor area, you must know that regular cleaning is necessary for every type of furniture, but some materials are easy to maintain and durable.

Chairs made from aluminum, steel, and plastic are easy to maintain in the outdoor area. These chairs can be cleaned easily using mild soap and water. So, while buying a chair, make sure to look for low-maintenance materials.

Store Outdoor Chairs Properly

Store Outdoor Chairs Properly

Accurate storage is a vital step in order to increase the longevity of your chairs. When the outdoor chairs are not in use, covering them would be beneficial as the dust and debris will not be accumulated.

Furthermore, you can store them in some other places when they are not in use; this will protect the chairs from direct exposure to sunlight. By storing and protecting your chairs from harsh temperatures and weather, they can be used for a more extended period.


Furniture increases the beauty and attraction of your home. Whether it is your outdoor chair or indoor furniture, regular outdoor chair care and maintenance are necessary to protect your investment and beautify your home. By following this exterior furniture maintenance guide, it will be a lot easier for you to increase the life of your outdoor chairs. Regular cleaning not only reduces the chances of damage like rust and corrosion but also increases the longevity of your outdoor furniture. Follow this guide to keep your chairs clean and comfortable for a long time.

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