Picking the Right Outdoor Chairs: A Buyer’s Guide

Picking the Right Outdoor Chairs

Do you want to feel confident when guests arrive in your home and want to chill on a set of your comfy outdoor chairs? Right outdoor chairs not only bring comfort to your outdoor space but also increase comfort and relaxation. An outdoor area is a place that most people use to entertain and spend quality time with their family and friends.

Good quality outdoor area chairs can transform a simple and basic outdoor into an attractive and charming relaxing place. Here in this article, we will provide a complete guide to picking the right outdoor chairs for your backyard.

Essential Factors to Consider Before Buying Right Outdoor Chairs

Choosing chairs for your outdoor can be a tricky question if you are conscious of their longevity. Below are some factors you should consider before buying an outdoor chair.

The Quality of Material

The Quality of Material


Quality comes first when buying chairs that will last for a longer lifespan. The outdoor chairs are made from different types of materials, and these materials have different advantages. Suitable quality materials need a reasonable budget to ensure durability, weather resistance, waterproofing, and easy maintenance.

Outdoor chairs face harsh environments and temperature changes that cause color fadness or crack. So, the material must be good from which they are made. Below, a quick guide regarding chair materials is highlighted.

Synthetic Material

There are some outdoor chairs made from natural or synthetic materials like wicker. The chairs made from wicker could be best used for outdoor furniture, but the thing to consider is that wicker chairs are not that comfortable it is also a fact that the comfort comes from the cushions on which we sit. So, it is not that much of a worry if you choose wicker seats with proper upholstery treatments.


The most commonly used chairs in outdoor areas are wooden. The chairs made from wood are durable and can also bear erosion. These chairs have aesthetic importance that could never be neglected. Wooden chairs are made of hardwood like mahogany, maple, and oak, and softwood materials such as pine and cedar.




Aluminium is the best material that can be used to make outdoor area chairs as it can withstand harsh weather conditions. These chairs can not rust decay in bad environmental conditions.

The Aluminium material comes in different patterns and shapes hence meet decor expectations.


The chairs made from wrought iron could also be best for the outdoor space as these are durable and weather-resistant. The most exciting aspect is that these chairs need low maintenance. They are hard to damage or break but try to select quality painted iron chairs to protect from rust.


When it comes to cost-effective chairs, plastic chairs could be the best choice. These chairs last longer and are light in weight so can be styled/ dragged any where per requirements. With quality material, these chairs are proven sturdy and durable.

Environment of your Outdoor Area

Environment of your Outdoor Area


Considering the environment where your chairs will be placed is a crucial factor. Some questions are mentioned that you should ask yourself before buying outdoor chairs.

  • Are you putting your chairs directly in the sunlight?
  • Are you putting them near the poolside?
  • Is there heavy rainfall in the area where you live?
  • How much is the humidity and the moisture of your outdoor space?

It is essential that the chairs you are buying outdoors best fit in the environment where you live.

The Size of Your Outdoor Space

Measure the size of your outdoor space before buying chairs is a must. Imagine if you buy a chair set for your outdoors and the size of your room is so small, the area will be crowded or suffocated, and it is possible that the chairs will not even fit in that place. So, try to measure the space of your outdoor.

This measurement of the space will make it easy for you to choose chairs in square or round shape.

The Estimated Budget

The Estimated Budget


Always visit more than five chair shops while choosing chairs/ seats for your outdoor space. It will surely help you understand the link between quality, material, and pricing structure. Go for premium quality chair options but getting out of your budget is not recommended.

The Functionality of Chairs

The design and functionality of the chairs is the most crucial thing to consider. Chair upholstery and frame design should complement your place’s decor. Chair upholstery depth and finishing treatments should never be ignored.

Are you buying the chairs for entertainment and enjoyment? Will all the guests fit on these chairs, or will you need more sofas, chairs, or couches? Before buying the chairs, remember the color of your home’s decor and buy them accordingly.

The Designs to Choose

The Designs to Choose


If you are a person who prioritizes modern designs of  furniture, consider the top trending styles. You can go with traditional, Classic, and contemporary styles of chairs. Besides the designs, feel the comfort of the chairs as it will be a waste of money if the chairs do not provide comfort to your body.

There are different designs of chairs that you can choose for your outdoors, like outdoor dining chairs, egg chairs, cushioned chairs, arm chairs, Outdoor rocking chair, and many more.


Just like your indoor furniture, outdoor furniture also plays an essential role in your home aestetics. It not only increases the beauty and elegance of your outdoors but also provides comfort and relaxation.

For your ease and comfort, try to choose chairs that are weather-resistant, properly upholstered, and must match the decor of your place.