How To Paint Outdoor Wood Furniture?

How To Paint Outdoor Wood Furniture

Painting a piece of outdoor furniture is not an arduous task. You can do it on your own without hiring professionals. If the paint of your patio furniture is getting damaged and you want to refinish it, then it is best to do it on your own.

It will not only save you money, but you will also enjoy the entire process. Many people want to paint their furniture, but they don’t know how to do this. That is why they ask, “How to paint outdoor wood furniture?”

If you also want to paint your wooden furniture to make it new again, then in this article, I am going to tell you some simple steps to paint outdoor wood furniture in Dubai. Keep reading this article to know all the things that are essential while you are painting your wooden furniture.

Steps To Paint Outdoor Wood Furniture

Here are some simple steps that will help you paint your furniture easily and skillfully. Follow these steps and make your furniture look new again.

1. Evaluation Is Necessary

Evaluation Is Necessary

Before staining your furniture, you must decide if it is worth it to paint it or not. If the furniture is completely damaged and even after staining it, it will not look fine, then you should never paint it. If the furniture is in excellent condition and only the paint is damaged, then you must stain it to enhance its looks and also increase its beauty.


2. Clean The Furniture

Clean The Furniture

The very first step to paint outdoor wood furniture is to clean it completely. For the cleaning of the furniture, you should use a duster to clean all the spider webs and dust off them. Now make a detergent solution to completely wash the wooden furniture.

I know water can damage the wood, but before staining the furniture, it is very necessary to wash the furniture because it makes the staining process easier and faster as well. After applying the detergent solution to the furniture, Now rinse the furniture using a water hose.

3. Remove The Previous Paint

It is critical to remove all loose paint from the surface of the wooden furniture before staining it to make the surface clean and smoother for the fresh paint. Use sandpaper for this purpose.

4. Repair Damages If Needed

Repair Damages If Needed

After removing the paint from the furniture, you can now observe the furniture better than before. Now see if the furniture is damaged and needs to be repaired. Tighten all the bolts, nails, and screws if needed.

If you notice some dents on the wooden furniture, then you can easily fill them by using wood putty. Completely repair the furniture as much as you can before staining it.

5. Use Primer

Use Primer

After repairing the furniture, it’s time to apply primer to it. The primer will help the furniture grip the paint completely, and the paint life will also increase. Apply the coat of primer with a fine-quality paintbrush and let it dry.

The primer also serves as the base for the paint outdoor wood furniture, and the color of the paint looks brighter and shinier on the primer. That’s the reason primer is necessary to give a more finished look to the furniture.

6. Select The Ideal Paint

Select The Ideal Paint

After applying primer to the furniture, it’s now time to select the ideal paint for the furniture. The selection of the paint color completely depends on the user. You can select the color that you like the most for the outdoor furniture.

If you want to give a sober color to the outdoor furniture, then you can use a wooden brown color. If you are painting outdoor furniture for kids, then yellow, blue, and red are the best colors.

7. Choose The Right Tool To Paint

Choose The Right Tool To Paint

After selecting the ideal color for the paint outdoor wood furniture, it’s now time to select the ideal tools for the staining of the wooden outdoor furniture. Use tools you can easily handle. Use small brushes for the small pieces or corners of furniture.

If you are painting a large area of furniture, then using a roller can quickly cover the entire area and is very much easier to use as compared to using paint brushes.

8. Paint The Furniture

Paint The Furniture

After selecting the right tool, start painting your outdoor furniture in Dubai. There are three coats of paint required to give a durable finish to the furniture. The number of coats also depends upon the outdoor conditions in which outdoor furniture has to be placed.

If the weather is extreme and your outdoor furniture requires more protection, then you can give it more coats to make it more resistant to weather damage. After completing the painting, let it dry for at least 48 hours. After the paint is completely dried, You can give one or two coats of shiner to the furniture to make it more elegant and attractive.


Now you know how to paint outdoor wood furniture. You can easily paint your outdoor patio furniture without hiring an expert by following just a few simple steps. If you follow all the steps carefully, then I guarantee you can paint your furniture like a pro. Best of luck with the staining of your outdoor furniture in Dubai.

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