How To Repair Outdoor Furniture Fabric?

Repair Outdoor furniture Fabric

People mostly think that they should always hire an expert to repair outdoor furniture, but they must know that sometimes they can also repair their furniture on their own without investing money in hiring repairers.

Outdoor furniture Dubai can easily be repaired by just following some simple steps. If you want to know all these steps to fix your furniture fabric on your own, then this blog is going to be very informative for you.

Steps To Repair Outdoor Furniture Fabric

Here are some simple steps to repair the fabric of your outdoor furniture Dubai that you can easily follow to repair your furniture fabric.

Appropriate Measurement

The measuring of furniture is the very first and most important step to repair outdoor furniture fabric. Measure the furniture, whether it is an outdoor sofa or a chair, so when you are replacing or repairing the fabric, you must know how much fabric is needed to cover the seat of the furniture.

  • Take a measurement of the seat’s top edge.
  • Measure the seat’s bottom edge from side to side as well.
  • Begin at the top edge and continue to the bottom edge of the seat.
  • Measure the distance between the screw holes holding the frame together.
  • Take a measurement from the chair’s top edge to the first screw using your measuring tape.
  • Perform the same step with the second screw and repeat the process until you measure the distance for all the screws.

Disassemble The Frame

Disassemble The Frame of outdoor furniture fabric

After measuring the furniture properly, it’s now time to disassemble the frame. When you are disassembling the frame, you need to take note of a few things.

  • Place all the small parts, for example, screws in a container to keep them safe.
  • You can label the parts which you think you might forget when you have to assemble the furniture.
  • Capture the photos of your outdoor furniture like outdoor chairs Dubai, outdoor tables etc. so they will help you assemble the furniture again when you have completed the repairs to the fabric.

Repair Furniture Fabric

Repair Furniture Fabric

Now, after the disassembly of the furniture frame, the very next step is to repair outdoor furniture fabric. The repair of the furniture fabric depends upon the intensity of the damage. If it is slightly damaged, then it can be easily repaired, and if it is completely damaged, then it is the best way to replace the fabric.

Repairing of Torn Corners of the Furniture

Repairing of Torn Corners of the Furniture

If the corners of the chair or sofa are damaged and the entire seat looks good, then there is only a need to set the corners to make the furniture look better. There are two ways to fix the torn corners of the furniture.

  • The first way is to patch the damaged corner of the furniture with the exactly matched fabric from the seat of the furniture. You can ask for the same fabric from the suppliers of your sofa or chair, or you can find it in the upholstery market.
  • The other method, which is quite easier than the above, is to patch the decorative upholstery track with the corners of the furniture. Put this decorative upholstery track on all the corners to give a uniform look. In this method, you can use a contrastive color for the patching of the fabric, and there is no need to find the matching piece of fabric for the furniture.

Repairing a Small Tear

Repairing a Small Tear

Small tears in the fabric of the furniture must be treated as soon as possible to stop further damage. The small tear can be repaired by using a closely matched thread from the color of the fabric and making close stitches. Although this repair won’t look perfect, it can easily stop further tearing of the fabric.

Repairing of a Large Tear

Repairing of a Large Tear

A large tear is usually difficult to repair, and it is recommended by the experts to replace the fabric rather than repair a large tear because the stitches can’t hold this damage for a long time and the fabric will tear again soon.

Reassemble the Frame

After repairing the outside furniture fabric, reassemble the furniture by using the pictures that you took while disassembling it.


Now you know how to repair outdoor furniture fabric. So you can easily repair the seats of your outdoor furniture Dubai by just following some simple steps. Best of luck with the repair of the furniture fabric.

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