How To Choose The Right Size For Your Outdoor Rugs?

Right Size For Your Outdoor Rugs


When it comes to crafting a perfect outdoor place, you need to choose each element carefully with zeal and zest. In designing a stylish outdoor place, we need to consider multiple elements such as rugs, furniture, lights, greenery, accessories, and other decorative materials. In this article, Outdoor Upholstery has uncovered multiple eccentric tips for choosing the right size for your outdoor rugs. If you’re going to decorate your outdoor places such as patios, balconies, decks, pergolas, and dining areas with area rugs, you should go through our additional tips.

Choosing The Right Size For Outdoor Rugs | Complete Guide

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Choosing the right sized outdoor floor rug requires multiple factors to consider such as furniture layout and size of area. In addition, you should also overview color contrast, weather resistance, and easy maintenance. The most popular layouts for outdoor area rugs are all-in, legs only, on the edge, and two allowances. For any surface area, take precise measurements before deciding on an appropriate rug size. We have put some recommendations to opt for the best rug size for larger, medium, and smaller areas.

For Larger Areas

For Large Areas

To choose the rugs for large outdoor areas, first of all, you should take precise measurements of the floor area. If the surface area is covered with multiple large sofas, coffee tables, side tables, dining tables, or chairs, you should opt for a 10/14 or 9/12 inches area rug. Make sure that the rug at least covers the front legs of furniture items.

For Medium Areas

For Medium Areas

The medium-sized areas are usually covered with small furniture sets such as 2-seater sofas, small chairs, and coffee tables. For such types of areas, 8/10 or 6/9 inches area rugs are highly suitable because they can cover at least the front two legs of furniture items just like large rugs. Also, you can style these rugs at the 45 angle of the seating space.

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For Smaller Areas

For Smaller Areas

For smaller areas, you don’t need to take any measurements because you just need any piece of outdoor area rug that can accommodate under the eccentric table. Choosing a rug just for the table is a classical idea to cover the floor surface. A ⅝ or 4/6 inches area is the best option for rugs to fix on small floor surfaces.

Rug Sizes For Dining Areas

For Dining Areas

Most commonly the dining areas are designed in rectangular, oval, or circular shapes to accommodate chairs and tables. For rectangular or oval dining areas, we always prefer a large piece of rug that can smoothly accommodate all chairs and table legs. Because dining chairs are usually replaced from their position by users to sit on them. Therefore, To avoid wear and tear at the edges, we recommend using large-sized rugs.

But in the case of circular design dining, using a rug that is a bit smaller in diameter than the complete dining area is recommendable. But in both cases, make sure that chairs are capable of moving freely without any hurdle or resistance.

Rug Sizes For Sitting Areas

For Sitting Areas

The seating areas of both residential and commercial places are designed to take rest and comfort. These sitting areas are entirely covered with furniture items such as chairs, coffee tables, and couches. By reviewing your seating arrangements and furniture layout, you can choose any rectangular, square, or circular rug. Moreover, for sitting area styling, you have flexible options to choose the size of the rug per your design and style.

Rug Sizes For Patios Or Balconies

For Patios or Balconies

The patios, balconies, or pergolas are usually designed in small areas that require very short or precise pieces of rugs. For small patios or balconies, you can choose 4/6 or 5/7 inches area rugs to cover compact floor surfaces. Mostly balconies or patios are designed in vertical or horizontal patterns, so you need to choose rugs in these patterns. Both these patterns are highly suitable to enhance the depth and beauty of patios or balconies.

Benefits Of Choosing The Right-Sized Outdoor Rug

Right-sized Outdoor Rugs

  • A perfect-sized rug brings the utmost comfort and unique style to your outdoor places.
  • Ensure an inviting and warm space for visitors, friends, and relatives.
  • An outdoor area rug always covers the floor surface with eye-catching colors and designs.
  • The rug is highly suitable for dividing the outdoor area per layout design & furniture pattern.
  • An appropriate-sized rug reduces dust or dirt accumulation.
  • The accurately placed rug also prevents the outdoor floor from massive scratches or dents.

Final Words!

A perfect-sized outdoor rug not only enhances the aesthetics or elegance of outdoor areas but also proves to be a functional asset. Outdoor Upholstery has highlighted some specific sizes for all sorts of outdoor areas such as sitting or dining areas, patios, decks, and balconies. Furthermore, we also covered the unique benefits of choosing the right-sized rug for an outdoor area. By considering our recommended sizes and expert instructions, you can surely cover your outdoor place with a perfect-sized rug.

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