Pets And Rugs: Tips For A Pet-Friendly Patio Or Deck Floor Covering

Pets and Rugs Tips


Using rugs for decors, particularly in decks, patios, or gazebos, is a surefire way to make that very space attractive and comfy and this trend has become more than popular lately. However, with the usage of outdoor (and indoor ones too) rugs, come certain concerns such as atmospheric impacts and if you have any four-legged babies, then a whole lot of pet damage.

Keeping your rugs safe from your pets isn’t something impossible and it doesn’t have to be very difficult either. All you need to do is take care of some factors and there’s no way you cannot enjoy luxurious floor decors and warm cuddles from your pets at the same time. And, Outdoor Upholstery is right here with all the help you need in this regard!

Designing Pet-friendly Decks & Patios | Considerations, Tactics & Tips

Designing Pet-friendly Decks & Patios

Up ahead, is all-inclusive and interesting information about how you can make the smartest rug choices for your outdoors when you have pets, and what you can do to keep those rugs safe from any kind of deterioration.

For convenient understanding and navigation, we shall be segregating our debate into two major categories.

Choosing The Right Pet-friendly Outdoor Rugs

pet-friendly rugs

Here are some of the key factors that you should take into account while choosing rugs for outdoors. These guidelines will help you settle for the right, or to be more specific, pet-friendly choices.

1- Right Materials 

  • Synthetic Materials work best when it comes to creating spaces for pets as they are tougher against damage and can last longer too.
  • The best synthetic fiber options are Polyester, Polypropylene, and Nylon, all of which are easy to clean, moisture-resistant, and don’t develop nasty odors as well.
  • If you aren’t a fan of synthetic fibers, there are multiple Natural Fiber options available as well, which offer a similar level of performance but with somewhat less durability.
  • Some of the most pet-friendly natural rug fibers are jute, sisal, cotton, and seagrass which are breathable, hypoallergenic, and completely eco-friendly as well.
  • No matter which fiber you choose for your exterior rugs, ensure prioritizing non-toxic materials to avoid health hazards, particularly if your pet likes to lick/chew rugs.

2- Suitable Constructions

  • Tightly Woven Rugs are the best choice to consider for homes with pets as they can effectively resist claws, paws, and chewing and don’t go bad very soon.
  • Additionally, rugs meant for pet spaces must have a Low Pile or Flat Weave Design, as they don’t trap hair, fur, and debris and are very easy to clean.

3- Essential Features

Essential Features

  • Your outdoor area rug must feature a thick and high-quality Backing or padding to eliminate the likelihood of slipping. There are many benefits of using outdoor rugs for patio.
  • Opt for rugs with Textured Surfaces as they are better at concealing snags and/or pet hair and fur, giving out a presentable look.

4- Appearance Selections

  • Always go for rugs with dark colors and intricate patterns or designs, because they don’t highlight stains, marks, and pet hair and offer ease of maintenance.
  • Reversible Rugs are also a great recommendation in this regard, as you can go on for a longer time without conducting detailed or costly cleanups with them.

5- Comfort Factors

  • Your chosen rug must be highly cushioning and comforting for your pet and must also protect it from atmospheric intensity, particularly cold.
  • If possible, choose permeable or drainable rug options with mesh-like structures, as they don’t host any liquid or debris buildup, keeping the surface comfy and hygienic too.

Maintaining & Caring For Outdoor & Indoor Rugs To Prevent Pet Damage

Maintaining & Caring For Indoor Rugs To Prevent Pet Damage

These ideas are beneficial for both old rug owners and for those too who are planning to make new purchases and want them to last long.

1- Regular Care

  • Vacuum The Rug on alternate days or preferably every day to get rid of all the hair and debris buildup. Make sure to use dedicated attachments according to your rug type.
  • Deep Clean The Rug once in a while or hose it down, by the conditions it gets subjected to, and make sure to use non-toxic cleaners and detergents.
  • Enough Drying is very important, irrespective of the cleaning method as using a damp rug can lead to mold or mildew growth and the development of foul odors

2- Occasional Treatments

Occasional Treatments For Indoor Rugs

  • Perform Prompt Spot Cleaning after every sort of accident (spills, splashes, or droppings) to prevent stains or marks from settling deeply and becoming permanent. You can also use basic homemade stuff like diluted vinegar for this purpose.
  • Depending on the type of damage, you can also make use of Deodorizing agents to get rid of any smell. Other than commercial options, simply sprinkling baking soda can do the job.
  • Rotate Your Rugs regularly to ensure equal wear from all sides and this also helps with the identification of any damages or problems that need to be addressed, such as mold or mildew growth and stains.
  • If feasible, avoid rug placements under direct sunlight as doing so will not only cause the rug to fade but can also lead to heat buildup which will be uncomfortable for the pet.

In A Nutshell!

The love for pets, similar to parenting, often causes us to compromise over a lot of stuff we can have around. And today we discussed a very common situation faced in this regard, i.e. having and retaining pet-friendly floor coverings outdoors. Once you’ve gone through the entire write-up, you’ll realize that pet-friendly decor setups don’t have to be tough or costly.

Rather with some minor considerations and careful decisions, you can easily turn your basic floor and decor accessories into entirely pet-friendly elements and enjoy those without having to worry about damages or expenses. Hoping for this attempt to be greatly informative for you!

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