How To Clean Wood Furniture To Make It Look New Again?

How to Clean Wood Furniture

How To Clean Wood Furniture To Make It Look New Again?

Wooden furniture can accumulate dirt, so proper maintenance is the key. It is important to dust the furniture regularly, but sometimes the dust does not get rid of dirt regularly. Oil, cooking fumes, and cleaning products on our hands can accumulate, leaving sticky residues on the wood surface that are difficult to remove. 

With the regular dusting, we can only clean wood furniture. Cleaning and refreshing the look of your wooden furniture can be a DIY project, but there are also professionals in the market like outdoor upholstery. ae, who are offering expert cleaning and refreshing services for all types of furniture. A

To make your wooden furniture look new and fresh again, there are several treatments that you need to follow. In this article, we’ll have a thorough look at traditional and modern ways to refinish wood or teak furniture.

Let’s Have A Look At To Clean Wood Furniture To Make It Look New Again

1. Remove The Dust From The Furniture

The common problem or issue that your wooden outdoor furniture Dubai is going through is dust. Normally, due to muddy surroundings or weather conditions, these teak pieces of furniture collect a lot of dust and look ugly. 

So, the foremost step to start cleaning your wooden furniture is to remove this dust and debris. The easiest way to remove the dust is to use a dry or damp cloth to mop over the furniture. Remember not to use much water as it may damage your furniture. 

Clean Wood Furniture

2. Use The Dishwashing Solution

So, after you have done wiping out the dust from the wooden furniture that is quite an easy job. Now comes to removing the sticky residue. Removing these stubborn stains is not that easy. 

Experts recommend using dishwashing soap for removing the sticky material from furniture. But be very careful to choose the right dishwashing soap. A solution with lots of chemicals will result in damaging your furniture. So, before you go for applying the solution, you must test it. See how you can test!

  • Make a solution of dishwashing liquid & water & put it in bowl
  • Get some cotton balls to dip into the solution
  • Take that dampened cotton ball and test it by rubbing it on the hidden areas or corners of your furniture, where the damage may not look embarrassing. 
  • Wait for a minute or two, if your furniture is ok with the solution then you can continue cleaning your whole furniture. 
  • Use quite a number of cotton balls and slightly rub all over your teak furniture. Make sure to remove all the residue.
  • After that use, a dry lint-free cloth, to dry all the water from the furniture and make it look fresh. 
Clean Wood Furniture
Clean Wood Furniture

3. Cleaning with Mineral Spirit

On the off chance, you failed to update the look of your wooden furniture with the help of dishwashing soap, then the alternate way you can opt for is to use mineral spirit. Although the mineral spirit is not harmful to wooden furniture, just to avoid any damage you must test it before you apply it all over the furniture.

To test the mineral spirit on your clean wood furniture, the process will be the same as mentioned above for dishwashing. Just use a damped cotton ball in a mineral spirit and apply it on the inconspicuous parts of your furniture, so that if your furniture gets a bit damaged it’ll not be at the front line. 

Once you have checked the miner spirit, take a piece of cloth and damp it with mineral spirit. Use it all over the furniture pieces. Mineral spirit is considered the best treatment for wood furniture as it wipes out all the dust that is being gathered for years. So, after removing all the dust, clean the whole furniture with a dry cloth and clean the mineral spirit. You’ll see that your furniture is free from dust and looks even fresher. 

Clean Wood Furniture

4. Apply Wax On The Wood Furniture

For the more attractive and appealing look of your wooden furniture, the best way to opt for it is to apply wax. You can check different wood furniture options at

Wax is great at restoring the natural appeal and beauty of clean wooden furniture. When the wax is applied it removes all the dust, debris, and sticky residue and makes your furniture fresh and attractive. See how you can apply the wax to your wood furniture. 

  • Taka lint-free cloth, best for applying wax
  • Put a spoonful of wax in the cloth, cover the cloth tightly
  • Press the cloth to soften the wax
  • Rub the cloth with wax, all over your furniture
  • After you are done cleaning complete a set of furniture
  • Consider removing extra wax over the furniture & your furniture will look new!
  • You can consider applying the second coat of wax to make your wooden sofa, chair, or bed more shiny and stunning

Clean Wood Furniture

Final Verdict!

We know wooden furniture catches more dust and the dust also sticks to the furniture if it is not regularly cleaned. So, I have listed the easy methods to clean your wooden furniture. You may consider any of the ways To Clean Wood Furniture To Make It Look New Again. Follow these methods and let me know the output, I would love to know the results in the comments!

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